What a crazy and insane and tragic and awesome year all rolled into one.

Since early March 2020, I haven’t been on an airplane when my oldest son and I went to LA to see the Lakers vs. Clippers game. It turned out to be their last game before the NBA shut down. Since that trip, I’ve stayed home and embraced Zoom. I’m no longer traveling to a constant stream of conferences, masterminds, and events. …

I spent part of my childhood on a farm in Nebraska, and that time always stuck with me. There is something about land and animals and nature that grounds me, creating a connection with life and this experience on earth.

I never got that feeling in the suburbs.

As I grew older and went to college, I got a job, quit, learned to trade stocks, and started Simpler Trading. I love the markets, but I never forgot that feeling of space and animals and being part of nature. It’s not surprising that I eventually bought land outside of Austin, Texas.

In February I studied ancient wisdom in India. In March I returned home to a virus. And a crazy Netflix documentary about big cats.

I’m still processing exactly what happened.

While people around the globe huddled at home, wondering if humanity was about to get wiped out by a virus, a ray of light appeared on the horizon.

Tiger King has taken the world by storm, the timing perfect. The spread of COVID-19 has shaken everyone to their core, turning many worlds upside down. Locked inside, some people are going stir crazy. Others worry about their loved ones or their…

The Top 5 Ways To Trade and Invest In A Volatile Market

With enough mental gymnastics, just about any fact can become misshapen in favor to one’s confirmation bias, which is the most effective way to go on living a lie.

Criss Jami, Healology

The Markets Are Volatile— Are You Fighting the Tide or Flowing with It?

For those of us that like to trade and invest in various asset classes, whether it is stocks, options, futures, or crypto-currencies, there is one thing they’ve all had in common in 2020 — they’ve all been extremely volatile, chalking up crazy moves.

And behind every crazy move sits a combination of happiness and pain. One trader is right. The other is wrong and will stay wrong until…

Don’t wait too long to get started on your dreams.

Turning 50. Yes, it’s just a number. But it’s a weird feeling. Like I’ve crossed a line in the sand. Back when I was a kid, this age seemed ancient. Now that I’m here, it doesn’t feel so bad. In fact, I feel about the same as I did in college. Time is relative, right?

I have many people in my company, Simpler Trading, that were born just after I graduated from college. Their perspective on life is different than mine. They have fewer bumps and bruises from life’s curve…

“It is your birthright to live a pain free and active life without limitations.” -Pete Egoscue

It’s easy to take our bodies for granted. After all, the human body knows what it is doing, and it is damn good at adapting to change.

But there are times when, out of the blue, it snaps. Throws in the towel. And that is what happened to me.

I found myself in a situation where I couldn’t lie down without crying out. I couldn’t sit without gasping. Simple movements created knife stabs of pain that shocked my lower back and jolted down my…

John F Carter

INC 500 Entrepreneur Simpler Trading (#21 in 2014). Member: EO, YPO. Husband & father of 3. Options/Crypto trader. Author, Mastering the Trade.

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